Monday, September 2, 2013

Electronic Cigarette: Why the Alternative is better?

Smoking An E-cigarette
Electronic cigarettes are often called as e-cigs, e-cigarettes, and electronic cigarette cartridges. Such devices are a great substitute that smokers may opt to consider when they become jaded with the annoyances associated with a tobacco cigarette smoking. When a smoker wants to quit, perhaps the people around him would advise him various things or the doctor might be telling him to cease the habit. But of course, quitting is the most difficult part of it all and in most cases a smoker would find so many excuses not to do so.

As long as a person does not have the will and determination to quit, such thing would remain difficult. Thus, people would continue to suffer the detrimental effects of smoking. Good thing that at this present time, electronic cigarettes are made available to help people take the process slowly, yet with a guaranteed result. These devices are the greatest alternative that offer people so many benefits and below are the reasons why switching to them is the best option to be chosen.

No Tar and Noxious Substances
E-cigs has nicotine content and a gadget that distributes it. However, there is no tar content, carbon monoxide, and other poisonous chemicals that are found in a tobacco smoke.

Decrease Smoking
Upon lighting up a regular cigarette, smokers often feel the need to smoke completely. On the other hand, using an e-cig gives the smoker an option to just take a few puffs, to shut it off, and just re-use it later. Given this, it decreases the desire of the smoker to smoke considering that they have to exert more effort.

Cuts down Costs
Electronic cigarettes are significantly cheaper than tobacco cigarettes. The cartridges are same as the whole package of a cigarette, however is just 2/3 as much. In addition, it is possible to refill the cartridges, which will definitely allow one to save money.

No Secondhand Smoke
Those who do not smoke might still be in danger because of secondhand smoke coming from tobacco cigarettes. But an electric cigarette has non-damaging vapor that does not harm both the smoker and non-smoker. The water vapor coming out of it resembles to a smoke, but it dissipates into the air in just a matter of seconds without causing any harm. Therefore, e-cigs do not contaminate the air, thus making it the “green” choice.

No Odor
For smokers, they often think that they do not smell like a cigarette, until people around them would complain about it. The smoke coming from the cigarette permeates clothing and hair. At home, it causes wall discoloration and the stench in the furniture, while causing a deposit to build upon the windows. But E-cigarettes are odorless.

Smoke Wherever, Whenever
With these devices, the smokers need not to go out anymore just to have a smoke break. There are no more prohibitions, which allow the smoker to do it anywhere, even in public places. Electronic cigarettes do not fall under the smoking ban, thus one may do so wherever and whenever he wants to.


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