Tuesday, June 25, 2013

7 Effects from 1-4 Cigarettes

Cigarette Smoking
The reason why people keep on puffing a cigarette smoke on a regular basis is still a heated debate for a very long time now. It is still difficult to understand why a person keeps on doing such thing despite knowing that it never does any good to the body. For the smokers, they may be able to treat these bad things to be beneficial for them. As an example, people have this concept that when they smoke they will lose weight, and thus, though they know that it is bad, they still keep on doing it.
Smoking will have detrimental effects on the person’s health and overall well-being. This is actually a known fact. We have seen so many people die because of smoking, and a lot of them live the rest of their lives in agony and suffering. What’s worse, they even put the lives of other people, especially those of their loved ones at risk. But these things seem not enough to encourage people to quit smoking. In fact, a lot of them smoke on a daily basis. They may think that having a few sticks a day wouldn’t put their health in danger. Without them knowing it, even just having 1-4 cigarettes a day can have adverse effects  to the person. They are also at a higher risk to suffer the following things.

Heart Disease
Increased risk of heart diseases - in a study that involved 43, 000 people, it was found out that even light smokers have the tendency of up to three times of developing heart diseases than the non-smokers. 

Reduced lifespan- those who consume 1-4 cigarettes everyday are considered to be light smokers, yet they are at risk to die young than those who don’t smoke. This risk is likely to increase when they increase their consumption.

High blood pressure- tobacco toxins can cause a plaque build-up in arteries. As a result, the risk of blood clot increases, at the same time, it disrupts the flow of oxygen in the body. One of the effects of this plaque build-up is high blood pressure, a risk factor for heart failure and stroke.

Lung cancer- both light and regular smokers are at risk to die of cancer. However, some studies have found out that women have five times higher tendency while men have three times to suffer lung cancer.

Disrupted blood circulation- the circulatory system makes sure that the oxygen and nutrients are well-distributed in the body. When blood if disrupted, there are organs that may weaken and be more vulnerable to infection and diseases. Another factor to a cardiovascular disease is a poor blood circulation.

Risk of other types of cancer- light smokers are prone to breast cancer, this is most especially for younger women, as well as nasal cancer. Though they smoke at a limited amount, the toxins are not completely eliminated. Through time, they pile up to damage the healthy cells in the body.

Clogged arteries- smoking 2-3 sticks a day can cause the heart arteries to stiffen. Aside from having heart illnesses, the clogged arteries make it harder for the body to cope with anxiety and stress.


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