Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Unbelievable Benefits of E-Cigarettes

quit smoking for healthy body and future
Some smokers probably think of quitting their smoking habits because it can cause harmful diseases and early death. They blame these chemicals that are present to most real cigarettes. Every year almost 500, 000 people dies around the world. Heart disease and lung cancer are both smoking-related illnesses that end numerous lives of smokers. In spite of all these reasons to stop utilizing cigars, some individuals continue to smoke by using e-cigarettes.

Tobacco Vs Electronic Cigars
Most people believe that the effects of e-cigarettes is similar with the typical tobacco cigarettes but then this information is definitely incorrect. Smokers will not accept this newly invention without seeing the great advantage of using it. To clarify these spreading rumor, experts had determine the difference of both cigarettes made of tobacco leaves and the electronic device. Besides the material that are used to make these kind of cigars, many person wants to find out which among the two is more environmental friendly.  For non-smokers, it is important to know whether it  can harm the nature or not. According to a recent study, it proves that electric cigars will not add pollution. So, it cannot damage mother nature and  contribute as waste.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Smokeless Cigarette: A Healthier Option for Better Smoking

Changing the landscape of smoking, e-cigarette emerges as a new technique to quiting smoking. E-cigarettes sometimes called e-cigarette, or smokeless cigarette is not really a cigarette but a device that stimulates the same effect of smoking. With it's nicotine cartridges and atomizers or cartomizers, it doesn't emit smoke in air but still provide the same relaxing feeling when smoking tobacco cigarettes.

E-cigarettes are easy to use. You just have to be familiar with its parts:
  1. Power source- it is a battery or wire that is connected and get power from a USB port.
  2. Atomizer- It contains the heating coil that will vaporize the e-liquid
  3. Cartridge- It holds the liquid storage material or the nicotine solution.
  4. Cartomizers- some e-cigarette companies combined atomizer and cartridge in one piece.
parts of electronic cigarette