Friday, March 15, 2013

Quit Smoking to Save Your Memory Until Senility

reasons To stop smokingA lot of studies have already been conducted regarding the effect of smoking to the normal brain functioning and most of which revealed that indeed the vice is one major cause of memory loss among middle-aged and older men. This does not, however, exclude women who smoke considering that the findings dealt on general terms which means that there are a lot of male smokers than their female counterparts. But nevertheless, the prime issue is not about the gender, but on how does really smoking damage the brain cells that are responsible for neuronal functioning. This is quite a technical matter that requires well-researched inputs and/or authoritative claims to better understand the reason behind such resultant and what is needed for early prevention of the said consequence. And the following scientific findings and insights from medical practioners and concerned agencies may be of great value to you:

There is Connection between Brain Functioning and Smoking

As noted by medical researchers in London, the connection between the two has long been known but not yet fully understood, meaning they have theories without definite evidence to prove that they really are true. One objective proposition is that the high-blood pressure that is the common side-effect of smoking may damage the brain, cause early dementia, and later lead to memory loss. Another presumption is that the damage to the brain may have been directly caused by the toxic chemicals in burned cigarettes. It is also noteworthy that the authorities associate the health problem to the previous medical finding that the impaired memory is a common symptom of heart disease, cancer, asthma, bronchitis, and other related illnesses.

Smokers Age 40 and above Have faster Memory loss than Non-smokers

This was the finding of the research conducted by the American Public Health Journal that was further supported by succeeding studies in other countries like that one in London. A related study by one professor in the place dealt with the effects of smoking on memory loss of more than five thousand people, and that revealed the same finding and concluded that there is really a definite relationship between increased smoking and memory loss.

What Can You Do to Avoid Memory Loss?

Although there are some other factors aside from smoking that lead to memoery loss, but then the authorities strongly suggest that smokers should quit the habit to lessen the possibility of suffering from such problem. Dr. Marcus Richards and his associates in London discovered that those who stop smoking before age 40 or 50 have showed minor decline of their memory. Further, quitting smoking can also assure you of a number of health benefits such as improve circulation of blood, normal lung functioning, and lessened risk of having serious diseases such as cancer and those usually developed in the lung.

Indeed, getting out of such a dreadful vice is a must for people who do not want to suffer from memory loss when they reach the age of senility. This is a natural alternative which bears no side effect, only sacrifice on the part of the smoker, yet can ensure that almost everything stored in the brain can be preserved notwithstanding how old they can be. So quit it now if you do not want to suffer during the time when what you can only remember is how the smoke of cigarettes has deprived you of reminiscing your treasured memories.


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