Monday, July 8, 2013

Smoking Effect: Beauty at Risk

Beauty At Risk When Smoking
Some people think that smoking just one stick a day is okay. Until the time that a stick a day could not suffice their cravings, thus the amount of their consumption increases. A lot of people are clued-up on the real dangers of cigarette smoke to the health, especially on how cigarette smoking can have adverse effects on one’s looks. Most individuals may be aware that cigarettes can trigger different harmful diseases to the body, but only few are completely aware that smoking can put one’s looks at risk by giving the person long term effects. Some of these effects might be noticeable, yet others appear through time, along with the increase in consumption.

Aside from the difficult way of life and sun damage, the nicotine content in a cigarette smoke can add more years to a person’s appearance. When a person puffs a cigarette, trillion of free radicals are being produced in the lungs, which in turn triggers inflammatory responses circulating all over the body.  If one will not quit, then the person is likely to have a “smoker’s face”. A person with a smoker’s face tends to look older than he actually is. At the same time, wrinkles and lines are visible on the face and they radiate at right angles from the lower and upper lips, or in the corners of the eyes; shallow and deep lines can also be noticed on the lower jaw and cheeks. Moreover, there is a subtle gauntness of features with underlying bony contours and paleness of the skin.

A cigarette smoke has more than 4000 toxins; most of them are directly absorbed into the bloodstream and are carried by the blood to the skin structure. Smoking constricts the blood vessels that are found in the top layer of the skin. This thickens and reduces the levels of oxygen in the blood. At the same time, it reduces the collagen level on the skin.

Smoking Ruin Your Face
As a result of poor circulation, the skin of the smoker tends to be thinner and signs of premature ageing are visible with wrinkles and lines.

Maintaining a good figure is never easy. But what smoker’s do not realize is that their smoking habit is a contributor to such. Smoking can create an imbalance in the hormone levels of women, leading to change their body shape. It is often observed that smokers appear to be thinner in body than non-smokers.  Despite the possibility of having a lesser weight because of smoking, smokers are likely to be potbellied people with spindly legs. And this can be attributed to the fact that smoking upsets the levels of hormones that causes the smokers to store fat in an abnormal way.

Having a complete awareness of how smoking can change the life of the people by affecting it both from the inside and outside is necessary to encourage them to quit the habit, and to never try to smoke. The only solution to prevent and to spare oneself from the detrimental effects of smoking is to kick the habit as soon as possible before it allows a person to live in agony.


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