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Health Threats of Involuntary Exposure to Second-Hand Smoke

Threats of Smoking
Lots of people have already suffered from the health consequences brought about by the second-hand smoke or that which comes from the burning end of a cigarette and the smoke breathed out by the smokers, but notwithstanding this, there are still notable number of smokers who seem to have no plan of quitting such a harmful habit. This is a choice, but not a right considering that the welfare of all is at stake with the serious illness which may be effected by thousands of chemicals contained therein. There are recent studies that noted that at least seven hundred of which can cause chronic lung diseases and cancer.

It is also notworthy that there is no risk-free level when it comes to exposure to second-hand smoke as the health authorities revealed. Further, such has also been found out to cause asthma attacks, ear infections, respiratory infections, and sudden infant death syndrome. To have a clear overview of the health consequences of involuntary exposure to second-hand smoke, here are the important facts that you should know:

Risk of Cancer for Adults who have Never Smoked
  • Secondhand smoke causes over three thousand lung cancer deaths among nonsmokers in the United States every year
  • Exposure to secondhand smoke of non-smokers anywhere increases their risk of having lung cancer by at least thirty percent
  • Brief secondhand smoke exposure can already damage cells and trigger cancer process
  • The higher the degree of secondhand smoke exposure, the greater also is the risk of developing lung cancer

Secondhand Smoke can cause Coronary Heart Disease
  • Secondhand smoke causes more than forty thousand deaths among nonsmokers in the US due to heart disease each year
  • Nonsmokers who are exposed to the said smoke increase their risk of having heart disease at least twenty-five percent
  • Breathing secondhand smoke blocks the normal functioning of the heart, blood, and vascular systems and increase the risk of heart attack
  • Brief exposure to secondhand smoke can damage the lining of blood vessels and cause blood platelets to become stickier which may later result to deadly heart attack

Secondhand Smoke Increases the Risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
  • Pregnant women who smoke increase the risk of SIDS
  • Infants who are exposed to such after birth are also at higher risk to have the syndrome
  • Chemicals inhaled from secondhand smoke affect the brain functioning for they interfere with the infants' breathing
  • Babies who die due to the said syndrome have higher level of nicotine and cotinine in their lungs than those who die from some other causes

Tips to Protect Your Baby from Having SIDS
  • Do not smoke in your home or around babies
  • Do not smoke when you are pregnant
  • Position the baby down to sleep on his back

Secondhand smoke Causes Chronic Health Problems In Children
  • Studies reveal that children whose parents smoke get sick (bronchitis and pneumonia)more often than those whose parents have no such vice
  • Secondhand smoke triggers severe asthma attack in children
  • Children whose parents or other people smoke around them get more ear infections

Undeniably, the threat of serious health illnesses among non-smokers of whatever age is not far different from those who regularly smoke. This is one compelling reason why people should really be wary in going to places where tobacco smoke is occopying the space below the ozone, and for smokers, such is more than enough to shift into e-cigarette that can never expose them early to death.

Smoking Habits

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